Sunday, March 10, 2024

Update: March 2024

Things have been quiet around here at Founders House Publishing since the last update in January 2023. In fact, the company has been on something of a hiatus while I try to determine the shape and direction it will take going forward into the future. I have had personal and professional setbacks that have played a big role in all of this. They continue to do so. 

It's still early in 2024 and I hope to be able to make progress toward bringing the company back into a more active status. That means new books being released, new projects, and Kickstarter campaigns too. 

I'm looking at different ideas and have considered revisiting old ones as well. 

This website,, probably won't be that active. It's kind of become a status page. But that's where Founders House Books comes into play. Right now, our bookstore is being positioned to become the main hub of activity. 

Currently, it is a Payhip store that you may visit at:

Stay tuned for more updates.

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