Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Weird of Hali: Kingsport

The Weird of Hali: Kingsport
by John Michael Greer

Publication Date: Coming Soon!
ISBN-13: 978-1-945810-25-1
Trade paperback: 245 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches


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As the Old Gods Awaken...

Like other students at Miskatonic University, Jenny Parrish worries mostly about passing her finals and getting a graduate assistantship. Then an unexpected letter arrives from her great-aunt Sylvia, inviting her to spend the holidays and celebrate a mysterious Festival at the family mansion in the old port city of Kingsport, where Jenny has never been -- the home her mother fled at the age of eighteen,  never to return. 

Once she reaches the ancient mansion, Jenny finds herself in the midst of a tangled web of archaic secrets, eldritch lore, and hidden struggles that pit the servants of the Great Old Ones, the ancient gods and goddesses of Earth, against a terrifying and relentless foe. At the center the web stands the treasure Jenny's family has guarded for centuries, a talisman of supreme power forged in the lost land of Hyperborea: the Ring of Ebon. But the Ring is lost -- and the quest to find it and keep it out of the hands of the enemies of the Great Old Ones will send Jenny on a journey beyond the borders of the world to dread Carcosa, the city of the King in Yellow...

Vintage Worlds: Tales from the Old Solar System

Vintage Worlds: Tales from the Old Solar System
Edited by John Michael Greer and Zendexor

Publication Date: November 26, 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1-945810-23-7
Trade paperback: 459 pages


$5.99 eBook Edition

"There was a time when the solar system was much more interesting than it is today—when swordsmen dueled along the banks of the Grand Canal beneath the hurtling moons of Mars; when strange creatures writhed in the shadows of the mighty jungles of Venus; when Mercury’s Twilight Belt marked a thin band of habitable territory between the lethal heat of the sunward side and the eternal cold of the side that faced the stars; when the many moons of the Jovian and Saturnian systems, the great gas-giant worlds themselves, the tiny frozen sphere of Pluto, and even the myriad worldlets of the asteroid belt, were all crammed with living things, some of them intelligent, some of them dangerous, all of them wonderful. 

Call it fiction if you will, but when Earthlings turned their eyes up past the edges of our own planet’s atmosphere, those were the dreams they dreamed and the worlds they longed to visit. Professional scientists watched the color changes that seemed to mark the Martian seasons and speculated learnedly about life elsewhere in the solar system. With that as justification, the writers of science fiction’s golden age flung their imaginations skyward and filled the pages of scores of lively magazines with tales of adventure on nearby worlds and the spaceways that linked them..."

Vintage Worlds collects seventeen stories totaling over 120,000 words of new, original short fiction inspired by the stories that appeared in pulp magazines like Weird Tales, Astounding, Amazing Stories, Planet Stories, and so many more.