Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Release: The Fires of Shalsha

The Fires of Shalsha - by John Michael Greer

$15.99 - Paperback Edition 
$5.99 - Ebook Editions

Description: Centuries after the death of Earth, an ancient evil stirs on the colony world of Eridan. Six killing machines have lunged out of the northern barrens to annihilate an isolated community. The one clue to the motive behind the killings is locked within the shattered mind of the only survivor. 

As helicopters race through the skies of Eridan and the warrior mystics of the Halka order brace themselves for the struggle, the survivor, Jerre Amadan, is flung headlong into a journey of transformation and terror that will take him to the core of his own mind, to the hiding place of a long-forgotten nightmare, and to the ultimate confrontation with THE FIRES OF SHALSHA.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Release: Dark Peak

Dark Peak - by George R. Fehling

$15.99 Paperback Edition
$5.99 Ebook Editions

Description:The industrialized world lies in ruins. Fossil fuels are gone. In isolated parts of the countryside after the Third World War, life goes on – however, the future looks more like the past.

Amariah Wales, a 19-year-old inventive aristocrat, dreams of the wider world he’s never seen, longing to escape the expectations of his doting parents as he toils in Vermont’s last biofuel refinery. Then one night, he finds himself hurled into a battle between the authoritarian Stakeholders who control the refinery, and the rebellious farmers who have been forced to grow oilseed instead of food.

Fleeing for his life, Amariah is branded a fugitive by the local militia and hunted for the knowledge that gives them control over the sky. He allies himself with a mysterious group of rebels, seeking to avenge his family and end the Stakeholders’ corrupt reign.

When the rebels’ mountain stronghold is discovered, Amariah is forced into a confrontation that could change the course of history – and restore light to a world lost in the shadows of the DARK PEAK.
"A taut, fast-paced thriller set in the post-petroleum Northeast, George R. Fehling's Dark Peak is a highly readable addition to the small but growing genre of fiction set in a future on the far side of the industrial age -- a future that is being created by today's misguided choices. Not to be missed."
John Michael Greer, author of The Long Descent and Star's Reach

Note: Other ebook editions coming soon!

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Release: Inter States: Fossil Nation

Inter States: Fossil Nation - By Ralph Meima

$16.99 Paperback Edition
$6.99 Ebook Editions

Description: Ex-military Mike Kendeil travels to a beach house on North Carolina’s dissolving Outer Banks to help his grandmother, Florence Trudeau, rescue heirlooms from the swelling ocean. With a monster hurricane at their back and the contentious 2040 presidential election just a few weeks ahead, the two drive their loaded wagon home on a days-long journey to the Washington, DC suburbs.

In 2040, America has one foot back in the nineteenth century and the other in the twenty-first as the costs of fuel and electric vehicles rise beyond the means of most people, forcing them to either walk or use older, simpler modes of travel.  High-tech communications—including VNET (the post-Internet virtual reality system)—form the social glue that holds the ragged nation together, also feeding escapism from the difficult conditions of everyday life. Meanwhile, a small number of oligarchs enjoy fabulous wealth, power, and mobility.

Fossil Nation is the opening volume in the Inter States trilogy, the story of an extended family spread from Virginia to Vermont living in an America staggering from the effects of energy crises, climate change, geopolitical shifts, and the poverty and political drama that accompany them. As daily life takes its ordinary course, larger changes appear on the horizon... 
Crisp, fast-paced, and uncomfortably plausible, Ralph Meima’s new novel Fossil Nation is the first in a new series set in a crumbling, dysfunctional United States of the not too distant future.  Readers who want something more interesting and challenging than one more helping of yesterday’s futures will find Meima's narrative well worth their time.” - John Michael Greer, author of Star’s Reach and Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush: The Best of the Archdruid Report
 Inter States is a richly imagined look at a future in which the United States of Empire is unraveling, and Vermonters mobilize to create a more sustainable world in the midst of collapse. Author Ralph Meima’s prescient vision is a must-read for anyone interested in what our future may hold.” - Dr. Rob Williams, Publisher,
“I finally got round to opening up your online novel. What a treat and what a distraction! I was immediately gripped.” - Barbara Heinzen, author of Feeling for Stones: Learning & Intervention When Facing The Unknown and Coordinator of the Barbets Duet, an experiment in systemic invention.
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