Wednesday, September 17, 2014

News, Updates, and Open Submissions


Previously, our submissions policy involved set reading periods. That worked fine, but we at Founders House Publishing have decided to keep out submissions open to authors interested in submitting their works of fiction (and, in some cases, nonfiction). At this time, we will also be accepting short story collections as well as essay collections. The editors at FHP like to see science, fiction, fantasy, and other genres are welcome as well. Be advised that our policies may change so stay updated on our latest.


Additionally, we are pleased announced that in partnership with John Michael Greer, we will be releasing two new After Oil anthologies. The first will be titled After Oil 2: The Years of Crisis while the second will be called After Oil 3: The Years of Rebirth. Expect to see posts on cover reveals, publication dates, and other announcements in the coming weeks.


Founders House is also on the lookout for previously published books that have gone out of print in a variety of genres. In particular, we are looking at nonfiction titles that deal with issues of appropriate technology and sustainability. We are looking for select works and are even considering collections of shorter works that compliment one another. If you wrote a book and now find it out of print we would be interested in hearing from you, especially if you've written in the two areas just mentioned. The same is true if you own the rights to such a work.

We are also looking for works that may have fallen into the public domain and would like the opportunity to reissue these titles for current audiences. Any information that could be provided to our editorial staff would be appreciated. Please direct your messages to info [at] or use our contact form.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Submissions Re-Opening Soon

UPDATE: SUBMISSIONS CLOSED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2014. We wanted to post a quick note about the June 1st opening of our second submissions period for 2014. We had several manuscripts the first time around and are looking forward to seeing more. Like the first one, this period will last two months before closing. So from June 1st through July 31st we will be opening to receive outside submissions of novel-length fiction from new authors.

The following points are for author consideration:

We DO NOT offer advances. We DO pay progressive royalties on paperbacks and split ebook royalties 50/50 with authors.

We have a WORD COUNT RANGE. All manuscripts need to come in between 40,000 and 120,000 approximately.

Please keep these facts in mind. Thank you for your time.

Check out our SUBMISSIONS PAGE for further  information.