Monday, March 2, 2015

New Release: Heaven's Point Guard: The Kirk Gentrup Story

Originally released in hardback in 2010, Heaven's Point Guard: The Kirk Gentrup Story is now available in a new paperback edition with a brand new cover. Also, revised Kindle edition. Check it out.

Heaven's Point Guard: The Kirk Gentrup Story - by Ken Cruiser Gentrup and Shaun C. Kilgore

Description: Heaven's Point Guard is the story of sixteen-year-old Kirk Gentrup, popular student, star basketball player, and all around great athlete who was tragically struck by lightning while on the baseball field in 1995. Written from the perspective of Ken "Cruiser" Gentrup, Kirks' father, the story includes many accounts, recollections, and messages from those who knew and were impacted by Kirk's example in the sport he loved and in his community. Heaven's Point Guard is both a memoir of Ken's attempts to cope with the loss of his son and a testimony of Kirk's enduring legacy in his school and in the community. 

Here's the link to the book on Amazon. More to follow.

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New Release: Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush: The Best of the Archdruid Report

Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush: The Best of the Archdruid Report

By John Michael Greer

Description: Since 2006, author John Michael Greer has been sharing his perspectives on the fate of industrial civilization and more on his weekly blog, The Archdruid Report. His writing, both highly engaging and rooted in a depth of broad scholarship, has earned him thousands of readers who want to understand the trajectory our world has taken.

Topics like energy, resource depletion, and the ideas behind some of our culture's cherished beliefs have been explored.

Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush offers a selection of Greer's best essays.

Note: Stay tuned as all links become live. Amazon link includes paperback and Kindle links.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

February New Releases

Stormborn's Debt - by Shaun Kilgore - Paperback and Ebook Editions

Brandin Stormborn, the son of a god, a living legend and hero of the realms, returns to the kingdom of Belandria by sea. Years ago, the demigod lived among the kingdom's people, using a different name to hide his true identity. While serving as a merchant's guard, Stormborn, known then as Brandell Shay, incited a revolt, the infamous Casteny Revolt.

His youthful zeal cost hundreds of people their lives. He fled as a criminal carrying his guilt with him. Now, Stormborn returns to face justice and pay back the debt. But, a chance meeting with a young woman named Natya drawns him into a battle with a vicious creature named Oracandus who's been terrorizing the city of Ravenhold. 

A Kingdom Of Shadows - by Shaun Kilgore - New In Trade Paperback!

The great contest is days away. Alan Serandos, an ex-soldier with no future prospects and no hope, plans to win. The prize: The hand of Princess Mariel and a place in the royal family.  Meanwhile dark forces have plotted to disrupt the contest and by doing so threaten to topple the kingdom of Calos. An ancient pact will be broken and Mariel will find herself a pawn in a greater game of noble houses and malevolent magic.

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