About Us

The publishing world has been changing. More and more people are taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities that are being made available through various publishing technologies. It is revolutionizing the field of independent publishing. There are more options available to help authors get their books and stories into the hands of readers.

Founders House Publishing LLC was established in November 2009. It was a beginning of a journey, and one that represented the realization of a dream. Founders House has been privileged to partner with some talented and thoughtful writers over the years and helped them publish their works.

Owner and Publisher

Shaun Kilgore is the author of various works of fantasy, science fiction, and other genres as well as a number of nonfiction works. His books appear in both print and eBook editions. He has also published numerous short stories and collections, including his monthly story collections, Kilgore's Five Stories. He is also the editor of MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine. He lives in eastern Illinois.