About Us

The publishing world is changing. More and more people are taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities that are being made available through e-publishing and print on demand. It is revolutionizing the field of independent publishing. There are more options available to help authors get their books and stories into the hands of readers.

Founders House Publishing LLC was established in November 2009. It was a beginning of a journey, and one that represented the realization of a dream that we had long held. We wanted to create, design, and publish stories - both nonfiction and fiction ones. Indie publishing is a great vehicle for getting books out there. It is our hope that Founders House Publishing will be another means to achieve that end.

We want to produce quality stories that everyone can enjoy. We wish to communicate not only our message but our titles in a way that makes the best use of today's social media and networking tools while also providing our books through a variety of outlets. We want you to find our titles in as many places as possible.

Founders House is committed to developing electronic titles that cater to different audiences and that are available on multiple e-reader platforms. We offer quality print books with professionally designed covers and interiors. The latest print-on-demand technologies are used to deliver books only based on genuine interest thereby eliminating the costs of managing surplus merchandise. We believe this is a more ecologically sound practice. 

Contact us if you have any questions.