Sunday, June 17, 2012

Now Available: Cries Of The Faithless

Cries Of The Faithless, the first book in a multi-book epic fantasy series by author Shaun Kilgore, is now available in an ebook edition. You can purchase it via Amazon for the Kindle, Barnes and Noble for the Nook, and through e-distributor for your other ebook readers. A print edition is forthcoming. Please check back regularly for updates.

Book Description: 

In the late hours of the night Maric Alran, a patreydan priest, hears a voice from heaven, the voice of Davene the Uncontainable. He is shown a prophetic vision of a coming savior for the Nine Realms, a prophet-king called Davion destined to crush the darkness of Mor'Demas, the Rejecter.

Young Bram Duighrain, son of  a rich farmer and pupil to Alran, believes his future is in scholarship and religion. A tragic turn of events sends Bram on a quest to fulfill the last request of his dying master, a journey fraught with dangers both natural and demonic.

Joined by others who have their own duties to fulfill, Bram leaves behind all that he knows and takes the first steps towards his own destiny. His fate may be tied to the fate of the world.