Friday, March 16, 2012

Coming In April: Kicking The Odds

Founders House Publishing is pleased to announce the upcoming book Kicking The Odds by Brett Sheldon and Shaun C. Kilgore. It is the story of Sheldon's life living with a birth defect that left him with short arms. In it, he talks about growing up, learning to overcome the obstacles and preconceptions of others, and excelling in athletics.

As the title implies, Brett gained notoriety as a high school football kicker going so far as the break his school's record and also received other acolades. Then he moved on to college football and received national attention when he started as a walk-on for Indiana State University's football team. Sheldon appeared on the nationally syndicated talk show, The Dr. Phil Show.

Kicking The Odds is an inspirational book, a story about seizing opportunities when they come and knowing that it takes determination and will power to succeed. Brett's story is one of courage and hope.

Check back for more details about upcoming events and the official release.