Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Founders House Exclusive: ADR Bundle

Founders House Publishing is offering an exclusive deal. Fans of author John Michael Greer's popular peak oil blog, The Archdruid Report can now purchase the complete ten-volume set of his collected essays. We will be releasing one volume each consecutive month starting September 2017. Each volume will retail for $18.99. But, those who wish to secure the entire set ahead of time may do so right now for a reduced rate. Additionally, if you must wait to purchase, this offer will continue to be available until the last book appears in print.

We are offering all 10 volumes in a bundle for only $139.99 with free shipping in the United States. This is a $50 savings for all ten books or over 25% off each book. 

However, shipping will be included on all orders outside the U.S. and will vary depending on whether they are in Europe, Canada, or other Territories.

Those who take advantage of this exclusive pre-order offer will then receive the volumes as they are published.

$139.99 (U.S.)

$157.99 (Canada and Europe)

$169.99 (Other Territories

Linked Books Available For Pre-Order Or Purchase

Collected Essays Vol. 1, 2006-2007

The Archdruid Report: The Ecology of Collapse
Collected Essays Vol. 2, 2008

The Archdruid Report: Natural Economics
Collected Essays Vol. 3, 2009

The Archdruid Report: Green Wizardries
Collected Essays Vol. 4, 2010

The Archdruid Report: Appropriate Technologies
Collected Essays Vol. 5, 2011

The Archdruid Report: Imperial Twilight
Collected Essays Vol. 6, 2012

The Archdruid Report: The Myth of Progress
Collected Essays Vol. 7, 2013

The Archdruid Report: Facing A Hard Future
Collected Essays Vol. 8, 2014

The Archdruid Report: The Twilight of Progress
Collected Essays Vol. 9, 2015

The Archdruid Report: The Politics of Decline
Collected Essays Vol. 10, 2016-2017